2021 NBA Trade Deadline

Happy NBA Trade Deadline Day everyone! This is your favorite corner man, Trevor or Tunica Trevor if you will, coming back with another post. It is the time of year where the NBA fanbase just completely lights up because teams are in the hunt to make additional moves to either: tear down and start over, make key additions, or grant player’s wishes. Today we will be looking at key trades and moves that may or may not have moved the needle forward for some teams. I am going to go away from the traditional winners and losers post and just highlight some key deals.

Blood In, Blood Out

Nikola Vucevic or “Vuce Mane” as Savage and I call him, will be taking his talents to Chicago in a deal that looks as though the Orlando Magic are going all in on a rebuild around young talents, Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac. Vucevic and Al Farouq Aminu will join Bulls All-Star Zach LaVine, in hopes of playoff contention once again. The Magic will receive Wendell Carter Jr., Otto Porter Jr., and two first round picks in 2021 and 2023. I like this move for both teams because Chicago finally gets Zach LaVine some help as they look to buy in on the LaVine/Donovan Era. Orlando’s front office, who seemed to be destined for permanent mediocrity, finally does something right for a change and looks to start over.

Trigger Fingers Turn to Twitter Fingers

For what seems to happen every single day, there is some report circulating the media about the Boston Celtics either in talks of a deal or coming close to a deal. Of course, this prompted Woj to mention on the ESPN Trade Deadline Special show about how teams are reluctant to do business with Boston because of their indecisiveness. The Celtics made a move; however, it was a dud, like the Meek Mill/Drake beef years ago. In the Orlando Magic “Everything Must Go” sale, the Celtics acquire Evan Fournier in a deal for just a second-round pick. The move really does not do anything to put the Celtics over the top. They get a decent scorer and shooter, but if he is on the floor that means that Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum is not. Also, where does this leave Marcus Smart?

How Serious is Denver Really?

With LeBron James and Anthony Davis out for significant time due to injury, the NBA’s landscape has shifted temporarily for this season. The Western Conference has become more open, and the NBA championship may be up for grabs just a little bit. I am not willing to give the trophy to Brooklyn just yet. The Denver Nuggets have made essentially the biggest move of the day by acquiring Aaron Gordon, once again in the Orlando Magic “Everything Must Go” sale. The move essentially brings back the same team that was in the Western Conference Finals last season. How does Aaron Gordon fill the role once held by Jerami Grant? We will see. They also bring in JaVale McGee through a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers as well, adding some much needed rim protection to the mix.

Refusing to Play Your Spades to Win

I will forgive the Philadelphia 76ers and shut down the “Free Joel Embiid” campaign if they somehow win the championship this season. You ever have that one partner in spades that does not play to win nor does he or she realize how great of a hand they have. That partner right now is the Philadelphia 76ers. They have had two opportunities to acquire All-Star talent that could put them in the NBA Finals, but they refused. They did not pull the trigger on a deal for James Harden nor Kyle Lowry, instead holding on to their assets. They are not in any position to contend in the East now with the Brooklyn Nets playing like they are, which could have been prevented by the Sixers. Unless they pull a 2011 Mavs and come from nowhere to win the Finals, Philly will regret this.

Push It to the Limit

In the final seconds of the trade deadline, the Houston Rockets were able to find a deal for Victor Oladipo, and it is the team he has been yearning to join, the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat pull off probably one of the best deals of the deadline by giving up essentially nothing for Oladipo. Avery Bradley, who has not played much this season, Kelly Olynyk, who was expendable after the earlier trade with the Sacramento Kings, and a pick swap. Miami has been playing well as of late and now with the addition of Victor Oladipo could find themselves back in position for what could be another Finals berth. Bravo Miami. Bravo.

-Trevor Shipp, Co-Host

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